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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sharon's Birthday 2009

Yeah! Invited to Sharon's party, together with Che Haou, Ye Jing, Yiin Torng, Sook Peng, Kar Wai and Ai Wen.
Went to Shabu Shabu!
Sharon the birthday girl herself.
Kar Wai, deciding where to eat
----Shabu Shabu or 100 Degree Celcius
Ai Wen
Ye Jing 

Sook Peng
Yiin Torng
Ai Wen and Sook Peng
Yiin TorngChe Haou
Sharon and Kar Wai

Sook Peng in taxi

Kar WaiYiin Torng and Sharon
Sook Peng. Weird..
Ye Jing and Sharon
Sharon and Ye Jing
Sharon with birthday cake
Sharon slicing cake

Then went to Sook Peng's house.
Karaoke a little.
Gamble a little.
Became the biggest winner with RM7!

Played the "cake fight" and was the most "creamed" that night.

Wish Sharon a very happy birthday.
All the best!

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torng said...

i like this post leh.. so sweet